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Established in 1941, Elesa is the international reference for standard machine components within the mechanical, machinery, electrical and industrial sectors. An excellent combination of technology and design has given rise to diverse production, due to the constant commitment in following developments in engineering plastics and metal technology. A company culture purely focused on product quality, combined with an innate sensitivity for design, ergonomics, and research, led to the creation of products that are unique and recognisable worldwide as Elesa products.

  • 200 Patents worldwide
  • 43 Industrial design awards
  • Worldwide distribution
  • 50,000 product codes available
  • Customisation options
  • Free technical advice


Most of the design, production and testing takes place in Monza, an area that spans over 70,000 square metres where tens of millions of machine components are produced each year. The fully automated logistics centre holds over 50,000 different products in stock, which are ready to be shipped worldwide. Elesa are partnered with the A2A group, where all electricity is from renewable energy.

Elesa continuously invests in R&D, especially surrounding the innovation of its production technologies. Creating new, revolutionary products, that can further improve the performance and reliability of existing ones is a primary objective for Elesa. To ensure the highest of quality, Elesa have an internal testing laboratory, frequently demonstrating the results publicly through their YouTube Channel. The testing lab features the most advanced equipment and measuring instruments, studying the evolution of new plastic materials to develop products that align with the high standards Elesa are known for, thus satisfying the requirements of demanding applications and markets. All standard products in the Elesa range are subjected to mechanical, physical, chemical and durability testing, so to provide correct and reliable technical data.

In addition to Elesa, its vast range, and unmatched quality assurance, comes the offer for on demand customised technical solutions to meet customers specific needs. Production flexibility, technical know-how, R&D, constant activity, and customer care allow for quick answers and competitive solutions.




ELEROLL modular roller tracks

Elesa is pleased to inform you about the introduction of the new range ELEROLL modular roller tracks for idle handling

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