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Crown updates InfoLink

12 December 2012

Crown has launched a new version of its fleet management solution enabling managers to capture and analyse fleet performance in real time High-performance lift trucks are a vital ingredient in highthroughput material h

Crown has launched a new version of its fleet management solution enabling managers to capture and analyse fleet performance in real time

High-performance lift trucks are a vital ingredient in highthroughput material handling. But only by optimising your lift truck fleet's uptime and minimising disruption can you achieve sustainable efficiency improvements, argues Crown.

Capture and analyse InfoLink 2.5 is the latest iteration of Crown's InfoLink fleet management tool system and enables managers to capture and analyse the dynamic performance characteristics of their lift truck fleets in real time.

The system analyses the workloads and performance of vehicles and drivers across multiple sites and alerts managers to potentially disruptive factors in the logistics chain, helping them reduce downtime and cut costs.

While developing InfoLink 2.5, Crown identified six key areas that influence efficient fleet management - compliance, impacts, equipment, operators, energy consumption and maintenance.

Crown says InfoLink was designed from the ground up to handle all six key areas with individual modules seamlessly integrated with one another. The resulting solution is capable of running automated processes that collate and analyse all relevant data in real time, with no errors and no manual intervention needed according to the manufacturer.

Fleet managers running InfoLink 2.5 can compare the actual performance of warehouse shifts or entire sites against performance targets.

The relevant information is displayed in intuitive graphical format, and colourcoded status indicators make navigation simple and straightforward.

Users can see immediately whether the core elements in realtime processes are running optimally (green), require attention (yellow) or need immediate action (red). For example, if, in 30 days' time, the number of licensed operators in a fleet is forecast to drop below a predefined level, the "compliance" status indicator can provide a warning in time to allow for further training.

A single click generates an instantaneous analysis of the situation by equipment type or operator, so managers can take swift action to resolve the problem before it becomes critical.

Detailed reports When in-depth information is required, InfoLink can generate minutely detailed reports - by driver, lift truck and time period.

Because reports can be customised using specific criteria, it is just as easy to generate a personal report for an individual driver as it is to produce a broad overview for senior management. This gives everybody in the logistical chain a clear idea of how actual performance compares to operational targets.

Nothing jeopardises efficient processes as much as unplanned downtime, whether caused by accidents or equipment failure.

InfoLink provides precise data on vehicle status every time a new operator logs on, via start-up inspection checklists. Items in need of attention are immediately flagged. If the condition is deemed unsafe the truck can be automatically locked out and an e-mail notification sent to the maintenance department for action.

Damage and truck abuse are reduced through a proprietary technology which measures impacts while working to eliminate false alarms. InfoLink's preventative maintenance tracking utilises actual run time rather than calendar scheduling to ensure timely maintenance.

The system provides a forecast so you can predict the maintenance workload well ahead of demand.

Unplanned downtime But safe, well-maintained machinery is not the only factor that prevents unplanned downtime. Two other issues are often involved - unauthorised and unqualified operators. To avoid these issues, InfoLink tracks operator profiles, together with details of their individual certificates and training histories.

The vehicles themselves are secured by access codes, so they cannot be operated without appropriate authorisation. This integrated approach has another advantage: operator skills can be matched to lift truck operating schedules. This means training requirements can be identified well in advance, avoiding bottlenecks and costly overtime.

InfoLink 2.5 is a component of the Crown Insite productivity suite. The various Crown Insite modules cover all the factors that impact on the smooth, productive operation of a lift truck fleet. The system helps managers determine which vehicles are best suited to specific tasks, enabling them to control and diagnose the systems, and analyses all production data and costs. Insite helps you manage your resources efficiently and economically - whether you are in charge of a few individual vehicles or a vast lift truck fleet spread across multiple sites.

Insite overview Crown's Insite productivity suite comprises a number of modules that can be used individually or as part of an integrated solution.

SureSpec: works out which vehicle is most suitable for the proposed location and application.

Access 123: provides comprehensive system management & diagnostics, and is said to guarantee optimum performance, fast fault location and maximum uptime.

InfoLink: a fleet management system that captures and analyses performance characteristics and acts as a productivity tool.

FleetStats: analyses operational data and operating costs over the lifetime of lift trucks and manages them through a centralised reporting system.