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UKWA deal to cut fuel bills

12 December 2012

The UKWA has teamed up with independent fuel card supplier Forecourt Fuels to offer discount rates for "on road" diesel.

The UKWA has teamed up with independent fuel card supplier Forecourt Fuels to offer a range of Fuel Card products with a price guarantee linked to both Platts rates and national average pump prices.

Under the scheme, offered to UKWA members, Forecourt Fuels guarantees to save the account holder a minimum of 2.50 pence per litre net (3 pence per litre gross) or (approximately) 2.75 Euros per litre net against the overall retail national average on every litre of Diesel purchased from participating sites for a minimum period of 12 Months.

Other features include:

• Free issue of fuel cards with no contracts or hidden costs;
• Extensive national and international site coverage through a choice of fuel cards allowing access to over 6000 UK and 1500 European service stations, including new initiatives and products in the market that can offer improved MPG and reduce your maintenance costs; 
• Weekly price notifications in advance by either email or SMS text;
• Free access to Forecourt Fuels' online management tool "Webfuels";
• Regular management reporting to keep you in control of your fleet;

A fuel card looks and works in a similar way to a credit card but with a few fundamental differences. First, it is usually restricted to only allow the purchase of diesel/fuel (though some cards can be set up to allow purchases of non fuel related items if required).

Secondly, when it is used to make a purchase, both the vehicle registration (compulsory) and mileage (optional) are recorded against the respective transactions.

Finally, the fuel card invoice also doubles up as a fuel management report, showing date/time/place of each sale, registration number (and mileage if required) of the vehicle collecting the fuel and of course how much was drawn. It will also then go on to separate the VAT element of all transactions.

UKWA's membership services manager, Michael Davison, comments: “Fuel is at the centre of operating expenses for almost all haulage companies, companies and businesses are analysing their fuel expenditure more closely than ever.

“Recent increases in the price of fuel are causing additional pressure so why not discuss how you can minimise fuel prices with a fuel card for your business? Even fractions of pennies saved on each litre of diesel purchased can equate to many thousands of pounds over a year.”