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Work starts on TGW’s new UK office

13 February 2013

TGW has been given the go ahead to construct a 12,000 sq ft office development on Peaker Park in Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

As a leading supplier of automated materials handling solutions for warehousing, production and distribution operations, the company has enjoyed impressive growth since it opened for business in January 2007. 

The modern two-storey development has been designed to accommodate more than 90 people and will support the business as it continues to grow in the UK.

Currently around 40 engineers, project managers, sales, marketing and clerical staff are based at the existing sites with a further 40 field-based engineers frequenting the offices. 

Phil Steeds, sales director at TGW said, "We’re delighted to have been granted planning permission for the new office development. It means that we can consolidate two of our existing sites and strengthen our resources as we continue to develop the business in the UK.”

"We’re confident that the new offices will bring a significant boost to the local economy both in terms of employment opportunities and through the revenue generated by our UK & international visitors & colleagues staying in the area. In addition we will continue to be heavily involved with the local community through our charitable work and engagement with the local schools and colleges.”

The building has been designed with an emphasis on sustainability and will consist of glass panels with insulating properties that will harbour natural daylight and retain internal heat. Roof mounted light wells are included in the design to provide natural daylight to the first floor areas. An intelligent lighting system with sensor technology is planned and this will optimise the use of artificial lighting as the lights will automatically switch off when an area becomes unoccupied. 

Aesthetically the building will be visually striking, with a contemporary exterior and impressive water features in the colours of TGW’s logo. One of TGW’s own automated storage and retrieval machines will serve as an archive repository and will automatically store and retrieve plastic tote bins on request. 

Employees will benefit from a modern and comfortable working environment that includes a rooftop garden, dynamic collaboration zones for project teams and a staff gymnasium. Designated quiet areas (without phones) are also planned where people can concentrate on the task in hand without interruption.  

The project is due for completion at the end of November 2013.