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Pallet warehouse

13 June 2013

Unitronics Pallet warehousing From Alldrives & Controls.

Automated pallet warehousing is based on Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), automated robotic systems for storing and retrieving pallets in a warehouse.

These systems support and operate in synchronization with all warehousing processes such as reception, put-away, storage, retrieval, order-picking, packaging, shipment, preparation, cross-docking, replenishment, inventory counting, QA sampling, and more.

Unitronics provides automated pallet warehousing within the framework of complete turn-key solutions.

Can you benefit from an automated pallet warehouse?

Every case must be carefully analyzed, but if your organization spans some of the following categories, Unitronics believes that an automated pallet warehouse should be considered:

  • Limited space and storage area constraints
  • High cost of site area
  • Operation in more than one shift
  • Required storage of more than 1,000 pallets
  • High accessibility required to different articles
  • High performance required (high number of pallets stored and retrieved per day and per hour)
  • Need to shorten lead-time between order and delivery
  • Compromised space utilization due to separation of article groups
  • Warehousing that serves a production process
  • Need to improve control and reporting accuracy
  • Need to reduce losses, damages, thefts etc.
  • Special environmental storage requirements (temperature, humidity, security, etc.)