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Cloud-enabled IT to help HP transform its supply chain

26 July 2013

Computer and printing giant HP is transforming its global supply chain with cloud-based IT technology, with cloud-based supply chain software specialist GT Nexus signed up as a partner.

GT Nexus will provide HP with global supply chain visibility and a control platform, all delivered as a networked, multi-enterprise solution in the cloud.

"We partnered with GT Nexus because of their leadership in bringing supply chain business processes and data flows together in the cloud,” said Tony Prophet, Senior Vice President PPS Operations for HP. "Cloud-enabled agile networks will be a core element of our continuing supply chain transformation.”

GT Nexus will connect the HP network of logistics providers and suppliers across four continents to a single source of supply chain information about orders, inventory, shipments and documents.

A suite of business applications will deliver supply chain visibility across different HP product supply chains. Transportation control layer capabilities will help HP coordinate among regional 3PLs to optimise inventory flows and consolidate shipments. The enhanced capabilities will support initiatives designed to maximise direct shipping to customers, transportation spend reduction and dynamic inventory fulfillment.

HP operates a huge and complex supply chain, with operations in approximately 170 countries and over 320,000 employees. Every sixty seconds, HP delivers 4 servers, 120 PCs and 100 printers to customers around the world.

"Our strategic relationship with HP is very significant,” said Sean Feeney, GT Nexus CEO. "HP is the leader in the global technology space and as our multi-tenant industry backed network continues to grow, the presence of the number one IT supply chain further solidifies GT Nexus as the standard for global supply chain management and commerce across industries.”  

Over 25,000 businesses across industry verticals, including adidas, Caterpillar, Citi, Columbia Sportswear, DHL, Electrolux, Levi Strauss & Co., Kohl’s, Nestlé, Pfizer, Renault, and Sears use GT Nexus as a cloud-based business network for supply chain management.