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Klimate high speed doors

01 August 2013

As a specialist manufacturer, supplier and installer of high speed doors, Klimate ensures all doors are designed and manufactured to meet specific working environments.

We are dedicated to solving companies concerns on energy savings, logistic efficiency, improvements to working environments and the ongoing demand to reduce maintenance costs.

Our experience
At KLIMATE we have an extensive experience in supplying various industry sectors. Our diverse customer list includes well-known companies from many different industries throughout the UK. With over 25 years of refined technical experience our doors are designed and engineered to work hard, to withstand the test of time. Therefore with our experience KLIMATE can provide the expertise that customers rely on.

Our range of high speed doors: ARDENT Intended for use in external locations. Complete with crash resistant feature, the high speed door has manual reset after impact.

ARDENT XP Designed for high usage applications were quick access is required. ARDENT OVERSIZE Intended for applications where large openings are required upto 10m x 6m.

ARDENT Stainless Steel Specially designed for applications where demands on hygiene are high.

K2 INSULATED freezer door cuts costs and keeps the chill, whilst diminishing the need for costly heaters (down to –30 degrees Celsius).

Our services include:
A full maintenance and service contract is available to cover your high speed doors including repairs to existing KLIMATE doors and competitor’s makes and models of high speed doors.

Following installation, a dedicated technical support services is available. This can help reduce the cost of callouts as faults can be rectified via a phone call, due to the simplistic nature of our doors.

A unique service that offers companies a full range of parts for our own brand and competitor products. This helps customers dramatically reduce maintenance costs on high speed doors.