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Doosan G2 coup for Marshall's

14 October 2013

Engine distributor Marshall’s Industrial is bringing the new Doosan G2 engine to the UK market.

The G2 engine has been designed from scratch to meet the latest engine emissions regulations (EU Stage IIIB & IV / US Tier 4 Final) without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

It uses Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to recirculate a proportion of the exhaust gas back into the engine to reduce NOx formation, and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). Doosan is using the engine in its own forklifts and it’s Bobcat range of machines as well as making it available to OEMs to build into their own machine models.

The engine has been purpose built for this challenge and Marshall’s see a big advantage in the absence of a DPF. This is said to save money and space, as well as increasing reliability.

Marshalls Industrial sales manager Charles Thurman-Baker explains: "In our experience, many of our customers would prefer to use engines without diesel particulate filters to avoid issues with extra component costs and the maintenance and potential down-time associated with these.”

"Forklifts are considered to be vulnerable to problems associated with light loading as most users do not run them continuously for long periods. They load a lorry in five or ten minutes then they put them in a corner and switch them off again. 

"Another advantage is that the power density of the G2 is very high, they are small for their output which helps when developing forklifts, with visibility lines, for example.”



The G2 engine comes in three variants - 1.8, 3 cylinder, 37kW/2800rpm; 2.4, 4 cylinder, 55kW/2600rpm; and 3.4, 4 cylinder, 75kW/2400rpm. 

Marshalls will provide the engines according to customer requirements, from a bare engine all the way up to a fully dressed, ready-to-run power-pack, complete with cooling pack, exhaust system and control system.

Thurman-Baker says: "We are very excited about this almost unique product. It will open up a new type of customer and rougher, tougher applications for us. The Doosan engines are robust in their structure and are capable of becoming part of the frame of the machine.

"Doosan is building a great reputation with its product investment and dynamic business model and trusts us, like our other partners, to handle its brand with care,” continues Thurman-Baker.

"We can’t afford to supply an engine into a machine that won’t work properly, so we are very diligent about our responsibilities.”

"The timing is also great, with the emissions regulations, it is the right time for companies who are developing new products. We are looking for partners, we want to find good reliable companies to supply this good, reliable product to.”

The UK distributorship for the G2 engines from Doosan complements Marshall’s existing engine ranges from Volkswagen and the Impco Gaseous Fuel Systems.