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Grab-O-Matic Drum Handlers Improve Safety & Efficiency

27 November 2013

St. Clare Engineering’s Grab- O-Matic fork attachments range is the culmination of over half a decade’s manufacturing expertise. Exporting over 30% of production globally, St. Clare’s commitment to service quality, and reliability, manufacturing durable products which provide a safer working environment is reflected by a client list that includes the Ministry of Defence, BP, Pfizer, Shell, Laporte Industries, GlaxoSmithKline, Univar and BNFL.

Manufactured entirely in the UK by precision engineers, all items are robustly constructed and can be attached to most trucks in seconds – without the need for electric or hydraulic connections. All units are issued with test certificates confirming safe working loads.

The St. Clare product range includes:

  • Drum Handlers. The Grab-O-Matic DLR range grip the drums by the top rim allowing them to be safely & efficiently lifted and moved.
  • L4F. The Grab-o-matic L4F overhead drum lifter can safely & efficiently grab 1, 2. 3 or 4 drums at once. Suitable for single layer stacking, de-palletising and all high volume drum handling applications.
  • SC10 range. Enables drums, both steel & plastic, to be manually rotated to dispense the contents while maintaining full control during rotation.
  • Pedestrian Drum Carriers. The complete fork truck range of drum handlers & rotators can be fitted to pedestrian stackers, manual or powered, allowing access to drum handling where fork trucks are barred.
  • Reel Rotators. The Reel Handler attachments can lift & rotate reels from the vertical to horizontal plane (or vice versa), allowing for de-palletising or machine loading.
  • SC4 Snow Plough. This attachment can clear a path through the snow to allow normal business to continue without disruption.
  • Towable Salt Spreader. The TG180 can be towed behind a fork truck or 4x4 to secure a safe, snow/ ice free area for vehicles & personnel.
  • Fork Truck Attachments. Such as fork extension shoes, carpet poles, safety work platforms, floor sweepers, self dumping hoppers and many more.

In addition to standard attachments St Clare also manufacture bespoke products to suit specific customer requirements. The complete Grab- O-Matic range can also be manufactured for use in Zoned areas to meet current ATEX regulations for spark proof environments.

Backed by 100% inspection, Grab-O-Matic units are virtually maintenance free, requiring only occasional oiling. St. Clare carries a comprehensive range of spares and replacement parts off the shelf, and offers a service/repair and testing facility, we also service and repair Liftomatic (USA) drum handlers.

CE marked and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 St. Clare product quality, durability and versatility makes Grab-O-Matic the automatic choice in mechanical fork attachments.