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Collaboration key with Briggs Equipment initiative

31 March 2014

The UK’s leading supplier of materials handling solutions, Briggs Equipment is set to revolutionise the way logistics firms do business by working with them to help drive innovation in a sector vital to the nation’s economy.



As the country gradually recovers from the prolonged economic slowdown, a new initiative by Briggs Equipment aims to help the industry rise to the many challenges firm’s still face in what remains an uncertain business environment. 

The reality today is that businesses struggle to predict where they will be in five years’ time and when it comes to planning their future materials handling requirements, the traditional five-year contract rental is no longer suitable for many.

As a result, for both warehouse and logistics companies - and their materials handling partners - flexibility has become the key word. They need to have the ability to manage assets to meet both rises and falls in demand.

As a result of increasing demands for greater flexibility, combined with lower costs, within the logistics sector, Briggs Equipment is pioneering a new approach that maximises the benefits of outsourcing and collaboration.

NextGen Logistics is an initiative that has been developed specifically for warehousing and logistics businesses, and aims to provide a platform for encouraging successful collaborative relations in order to deliver added value, cost reductions and genuine fleet flexibility. 

The pioneering initiative has been developed following consultation with the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and carries its full endorsement.

Customers become part of a unique collaborative ‘buying group’ that allows them to adapt their fleet to satisfy business needs at any given time, saving them money.  After taking additional forklift trucks to deal with peak period demand, they can then rationalise when equipment is surplus to requirements – without any hidden penalties. 

As well as providing businesses with flexible solutions to their materials handling needs, NextGen Logistics will help them to forge relationships that will help them better serve their own customers.

"If you’re not prepared to collaborate you run the risk of other suppliers targeting your customers with creative solutions that you can’t match, let alone beat,” explained Bill Goodwin, Sales Director at Briggs Equipment.

"With NextGen Logistics we intend to help customers save money whilst achieving key objectives and developing strong partnerships that are going to be very difficult to break down.”

Bill continues: "Whilst Nextgen Logistics is in its infancy, and to help ensure we provide solutions to suit the market, we are eager to encourage logistics companies to participate in our Nextgen Logistics forums. 

"The forums are designed to give logistics companies a voice in the shaping of the industry in the future and enable businesses to discover the benefits of outsourcing and collaboration”. 

"No-one can say what works for one company, will work for another, and that’s why these forums will no doubt provide an interesting basis for a logistics debate.” 


Branded as ‘The Big Logistics Debate’, the NextGen Logistics forums are open to all logistics companies, regardless of their size, and will take place in a wide range of venues nationwide, throughout the year.  These events are free to attend.