iFlex RackGuard

27 October 2014

Protecting your workplace racking is vital. A-SAFE’s iFlex RackGuard is simply the best protection you can buy.

A scientific design brings a host of unique benefits including:

  • Side impact absorption – if impacted from the side energy is absorbed and the rack will reform to its original shape
  • Front impact absorption – if impacted from the front energy is transferred around the leg rather than through it
  • Compression Hinge – this unique feature ensures the leg is constantly compressed and securely gripped
  • Centralised Rubber Lug – a special device designed to ensure the RackGuard fits centrally on any sized leg
  • Built-in memory – the strong and flexible nature of Memaplex allows the RackGuard to return to its original shape even after repeated impacts
  • Ten frictional grip points – offer an improved grip to any type of legging

Like all A-SAFE products the iFlex RackGuard has gone through hundreds of hours of FEA testing and is TÜV certified to EN 15 512 and FEM 10.2.02 – in fact TÜV doubled their test load to 800 Newtons and the level of deflection was well within the requirements for EN 15 512.

Under current codes of practice the maximum amount of front deflection allowed on a rack leg is 3mm, with 5mm allowed for side deflection. Such impacts are most likely to occur from forklifts or heavy pallet trucks at low levels, so it is imperative that racking is protected most at these levels.

Other features include:

  • Chemical resistance (excellent ISO/TR 10358)
  • Fire rating: HB/F
  • Food contact: Yes
  • Toxicity: None
  • Conductivity: No
  • Environment - 100% recyclable and 4.5 times reduction in carbon footprint over equivalent steel barrier