Traffic Barriers

27 October 2014

A-SAFE Traffic Barriers come in a variety of styles.

Designed to offer heavy duty impact protection from forklift trucks or other factory vehicles, they are highly modular so can easily incorporate A-SAFE hand rails, gateways or bollards.

The Ground Traffic Barrier is a perfect fit for floor protection and acts as an excellent guide for lining up trucks or vehicles in the workplace. Tough, durable and flexible, Ground Traffic Barriers don’t buckle or dent when impacted but return to their original shape.

The Low Level Traffic Barrier is designed with a standard wheel arch impact height in mind and will absorb repeated low intensity knocks without becoming damaged.

The Single Rail High Level Traffic Barrier raises the bar and protects against vehicle impacts at a greater height. Standard impact height is at 460mm, the Standard Post centres are 1.6m and it has an overall height of 560mm.

The heavy duty Double Rail Traffic Barrier protects people and machinery from larger vehicles such as forklift trucks. Ideal for high impact areas and offering greater resistance than standard traffic barrier systems, these barriers will not crumple like traditional steel and therefore will not damage the floor following impact.

Traffic Plus Barriers integrate Hand Rails and Pedestrian Barriers and add an extra degree of segregation protection. An attractive barrier that offers heavy duty protection from impacts and high level visibility for pedestrian and vehicle guidance.