Dairy Crest

17 November 2014

Over the last 16 years Dairy Crest and Nassau Industrial Doors Ltd have seen a working relationship that has gone from strength to strength.

NASSAU have installed a total of 16 DYNACO High Speed Doors, ranging from internal D313 through to the external Power M2 at the Pre-Pack facility and over 30 NASSAU sectional doors and dock levellers at the National Distribution Centre in this time.

Dairy Crest Group plc was established in 1981 as the processing arm of the Milk Marketing Board. With brands including Cathedral City Cheddar cheese, Country Life butter, Clover and Frijj it is one of the largest dairy companies in the United Kingdom. Their Nuneaton site is one of 13 based around the United Kingdom and is responsible for distributing food products throughout the UK. It houses a cheese maturation store and packing facility for Cathedral City and Davidstow brands, which sees packing of over 33,000ton of cheese per year in the state of the art fully automated facility.

NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd was established in 1990 and is the main distributor, installer and service agent in the United Kingdom of NASSAU sectional doors and DYNACO high speed doors. Having provided high quality door solutions for the last 24 years, NASSAU prides itself on leading the way in bringing the most innovative products to the UK industrial, retail and commercial markets.

DYNACO high speed doors not only assist companies in reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint, but will also help provide a safe, comfortable and more productive working environment. In a typical warehouse or distribution centre the number of times doors are opened and left open during a normal working day is considerable and, quite simply, the longer the door remains open the greater the energy consumption and the higher the energy cost. As well as delivering energy savings as a result of their fast operating speeds (up to 2.4m/second), they also include a variety of advanced safety features, including WDD (Wireless Dynaco Detector) which helps to protect employees, as demonstrated by their 22 year record of no door-related injuries.

DYNACO high speed roll-up doors incorporate patented concepts and technologies which has made them and NASSAU the choice of many leading UK businesses, including Dairy Crest. Their simple, yet unique push/pull design provides a low cost of ownership and is a proven performer for in excess of 1,000,000 opening cycles.

Brandon Moss, General Manager at Dairy Crest, Nuneaton Prepack said "We’ve had a working partnership with NASSAU Industrial Doors Ltd since 1998 when the National Distribution centre was built at Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The high quality of their doors and service resulted in the contract to supply the high speed doors for the Pre-Pack facility.” He continued by saying, "the distribution centre has benefited from consistent reliability and warehouse temperature integrity being maintained from the NASSAU doors, whilst at the same time the Pre-Pack facility has benefited from the hygiene and food safety elements that the DYNACO high speed doors supply.”