Continental SC20 Range

05 January 2015

The Continental SC20 Mileage+ is extremely durable and offers high mileage performance. It is especially suitable for usage on rough surfaces and in very demanding working environments......

Its innovative rubber compound extends the mileage and reduces service and maintenance costs. An advantage that is especially relevant when vehicles operate on demanding surfaces. "Tyre wear is accelerated particularly in outdoor application with highly abrasive grounds such as interlocking pavers, cobblestones or objects on the surface. For vehicles operating in these conditions, our engineers have developed a new rubber compound with short chain sulphur connections. The SC20 Mileage+ is the first tyre using this new compound”, says Dr. Maertens. The tread area provides maximal resistance to damage and cuts. These features result in reduced wear and an enhanced service life.

Continental SC20 Energy+

The SC20 Energy+ features a low rolling resistance. The tyre is especially suitable for battery-powered vehicles used in indoor applications. Due to the low rolling resistance, vehicles consume less energy and battery operating time is extended. The results are less downtime and lower operating costs. In addition, the optimized rolling qualities reduce the heat development within the tyre which results in excellent durability even when carrying heavy loads.

Specialty tyres also available for dust and dirt-sensitive areas

The Continental SC20 is also available as non-marking version for industries where a clean environment is critical such as the food and electronic industries. The SC20 is also available as a conductive variant that prevents the risks of uncontrolled electric discharge and damaging sensitive loads such as electronic components.