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Combidock designed to increase loading bay versatility

21 May 2015

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems has unveiled the Crawford DL6030C Combidock, a dock leveller solution engineered to load vans and larger vehicles, changing quickly between the two types of operation.

Allocating loading bays based on the size and build of a vehicle could become a thing of the past. A telescopic lipped ‘Combidock’ dock leveller from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems means that, where raised docks are used, the vast majority of vehicles can be loaded from the same bay.

Improving the productivity of loading bays is a key driver for R&D engineers working on Crawford docking equipment, and the Crawford DL6030C is designed to increase the range of vehicle types which can be loaded from one loading bay; small vans, 7.5tn and standard HGV trailers. Increasing the capacity of every dock in a facility should increase loading bay availability, which will reduce traffic backlogs and idle time. In new build applications the Combidock eliminates the need for different ramp heights, which could contribute to reducing initial building costs for facilities of all sizes.

With distribution centres encountering a glut of new challenges in the recent past, as fleet operators have moved away from standardised bed heights, the problems caused by such variations have become more apparent.

The Crawford Combidock is designed to meet many of these challenges head-on. It is essentially an advanced telescopic lip leveller, with three separate tongues forming the wide lip for larger vehicles and full sized trailers, which can be extended up to 500mm from the platform. The two side lips are retractable, creating a slimmer contact surface for smaller vehicles.

As is standard in Crawford loading equipment, the Combidock utilises two hydraulic pistons, one at either side of the leveller platform, for maximum stability and the platform automatically follows vertical movements of the vehicle bed as the trailers sink and rise with the passage of MHE. As opposed to fixed swing lip levellers, which are a set length, the telescopic lip is extended by the operator, meaning a safe connection can be made even when very little bed space is available. 

Adhering to EU legislation, the length of the leveller can be varied to ensure it stays within the required eight percent gradient.

Allan Stockdale, Sales Director – Industrial Door & Docking Solutions at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems said: "The Combidock tackles some of the key industry challenges. By working closely with our customers we understand that flexible docking is an important contributor to a successful operation, and maximising the use of all available loading bays facilitates this.” 

To ensure long-term operational efficiency, the Crawford Combidock is available with a comprehensive service and maintenance plan. An out of service loading bay, at any stage of the manufacturing or distribution process creates a bottleneck for the rest of the operation.

Taking a lifetime costing approach and scheduling planned, preventative maintenance is essential to achieve true cost efficiency for all doors, docks and levellers.