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Ten-aisle auto mini-load

02 July 2015

Automated logistics solutions provider TGW has completed an installation for global fashion and lifestyle company CasaModa.

In order for the retailer to continue meeting its high customer service levels, TGW implemented a highly automated logistics solution at CasaModa’s German distribution centre in Oldenburg.

The solution consists of a ten-aisle automatic mini-load warehouse with the customer’s hanging bag sortation system and smart software in the background.

The aisles of the automated mini-load warehouse are equipped with TGW Mustang Evolution AS/R machines with Twister load handling devices that are capable of storing up to 110,000 cartons. This is equivalent to a storage capacity of more than one million items in the warehouse. 

Goods are retrieved in batches and automatically sent to one of seven picking workstations. Here, screens inform the picking employees which item to place in a hanging bag before it ‘floats’ its way through the distribution centre from sortation through to packing. Typically 800 items are processed per hour, with a performance of up to 1,300 items per hour achieved during peak periods.

"For us it was important to have a logistics system that grows with CasaModa. The apparel industry is constantly changing, we have to be able to adapt to the market – even with our logistics processes,” says Stefan Hillje, team leader of business development at CasaModa. 

"The new logistics installation allows us to easily handle our peak times, while working efficiently in times of reduced workload. We are able to operate the system at different paces and use an energy saving mode.

"Throughput has been increased, and the performance is even higher than we are able to handle at the moment. The system grows with us, which means we can guarantee a higher delivery and quality,” concludes Stefan.