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Overcome omni-channel warehouse challenges

14 July 2016

Visitors to IMHX 2016 can talk to Indigo Software’s experienced supply chain consultants about overcoming the challenges of running an omni-channel warehouse. 

The shift to online purchasing for goods of every sort has transformed the operational demands placed upon warehouses and leaves little room for error. For manufacturers selling direct or through retailers, providing an efficient and cost effective direct to consumer delivery service, in addition to traditional bulk order fulfillment, is now just another cost of doing business. 

Consequently, finding ways to build accuracy, efficiency and where necessary, flexibility into the process are essential to achieving this and all part of strategic warehouse management. 

Indigo’s supply chain consultants collectively have over 400 years of real-world logistics experience to offer companies tasked with developing an omni-channel warehouse. Using Indigo's practical experience, your company can adapt its warehouse and logistics strategy to enable bulk and single item orders to be processed seamlessly and efficiently from the same site, without an adverse impact on resource costs.

Indigo supply chain consultant Eric Carter said: “Automation and the use of integrated warehouse management software will enable warehouses to operate more cost effectively, achieve a higher throughput rate and adapt to the trend of handling smaller, more frequent orders without impacting profitability adversely.”

Book a free review with Indigo’s consultants to discuss how to overcome the challenges of running an omni-channel warehouse including: the benefits of an integrated warehouse management software (WMS) system; key considerations before introducing automation into your warehouse; and likely return on investment from implementing advanced warehouse technology.

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