Port Warehousing

14 July 2016

Rubb port warehouses offer bulk storage solutions.

Structures can be custom designed to meet a variety of bulk handling methods. Relocating and extending these modular fabric buildings is easy and cost effective.

The durable PVC membrane cladding on Rubb port warehousing structures will not corrode in a marine environment. The high quality materials also prevent leaking roofs - a common challenge at many port facilities.

Rubb harbour structures provide large, clearspan internal spaces that are illuminated by natural light through Rubb’s translucent roofing systems. This allows a brighter, safer, more efficient working environment than conventional warehouse structures. Rubb relocatable buildings offer the most flexible storage warehouse systems as they can be easily and quickly reconfigured/relocated to suit the changing requirements of a busy port.

Rubb buildings are ideal for warehousing a variety of goods including sensitive materials. Rubb climate-controlled port storage buildings facilitate dehumidification systems and bulk storage structures protect your valuable materials from strenuous marine environment conditions.

In addition to our port storage buildings, temporary buildings and relocatable buildings, we offer shipyard buildings to cover ongoing projects and ship cocoons, onboard buildings and covers to safeguard bulk goods while at sea.

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