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Insulated Fabric Buildings

14 July 2016

Rubb’s innovative eco-friendly insulated storage buildings feature a flexible insulated fabric system which provides many benefits in an increasingly energy conscious world.

Development of the Thermohall concept began several years ago in Norway. The goal was to engineer a cost-effective, practical and eco-friendly insulation system for climate controlled storage buildings. Rubb's patented Thermohall is a flexible insulated fabric system which offers major innovative advantages over other insulating systems.

Thermohall cladding consists of a high-strength PVC layer and non-combustible glass wool insulation core inside an air-tight pocket and a self-cleaning PVC inner layer. The insulated panel system provides a full vapour seal which minimises thermal bridging and reduces infiltration losses. This reduces condensation on framing members, improving insulation efficiency. The environmentally controlled facility facilitates air conditioning and internal heating.

These insulated buildings are available with three levels of thermal protection to suite your products, cooling requirements, costs and environmental policy:

Thermohall Light (50mm) U-value 0.67 W/m²K

Thermohall Standard (100mm) U-value 0.36 W/m²K

Thermohall Extreme (150mm) U-value 0.25 W/m²K

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