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Lydia VoiceSuite to boost picking technology

08 November 2016

Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) is expanding its solution portfolio with the Lydia VoiceSuite, a voice-guided system that optimises intralogistics processes.

Lydia guides the employees through the warehouse and controls the picking process. The solution also allows digitising and linking processes. With Lydia as part of its portfolio, EPG can offer its customers one of the most modern voice solutions for logistics.

Digital connection and process digitisation have become decisive factors in logistics. Customers require modular solutions that can be flexibly adapted to changing conditions. Only companies offering high-quality solutions can prove themselves on the market. This makes logistics a decisive measure in an efficient supply chain.

With Lydia, EPG offers its customers voice technology that can be modularly and flexibly adapted to individual industry and process requirements. The solution makes intralogistics processes more efficient and accelerates them significantly. The economic aspects are also convincing: Customers already using Lydia report a reduction in order processing times of up to 30% compared to common picking technologies and procedures. The error rates are minimised, which significantly increases the quality and security in the warehouse.


The Lydia Voice Suite is available in the variants ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’. The ‘Business’ variant can be used on all Android devices such as smartphones or smartwatches. The ‘Enterprise’ variant is a combination of Voxter with a headset or Lydia VoiceWear.

The users profit from both combinations: As they are hands free, errors are avoided and the system assumes a control function during picking, which reduces errors. The users can fully concentrate on their core tasks. In addition, the Lydia Voice Suite can be operated intuitively and is very ergonomic. Another advantage, compared with other voice solutions on the market, is that the software is speaker independent and can be used immediately without prior training. Lydia can also be used in almost every language. Companies using the patented Lydia VoiceWear vest also profit from maximum mobility freedom of movement as the voice components are integrated into the ergonomic vest. This increases both the process efficiency and the picking quality.

With the Lydia Voice Suite, EPG is also expanding its product range in the voice and vision domain. For picking, the voice technology can be combined with data glasses or smartwatches to create an augmented reality environment. The additional display of product images guarantees reliable picking processes.


The product range of the Lydia Voice Suite also includes the Lydia PickManager. Connected to an ERP or Warehouse Management System, it controls and coordinates the voice clients in the warehouse. This modular software system allows flexibly activating further logistics functions for transport control, packing and document printing.

topsystem, a subsidiary of the EPG and manufacturer of the Lydia Voice Suite, knows the international market and focuses on the customers’ needs when developing new products. The German company has locations in the USA, the UK and Russia.