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Short term hire… short term risk?

21 April 2017

Why you should always demand a copy of a Report of Thorough Examination.

CFTS has warned companies hiring trucks on a short-term basis that they should always insist that their fork lift documentation includes a Report of Thorough Examination.  

Thorough Examination is vital in gauging both the health of the truck, as well as its compliance with legislation. 

Shaun Prendergast, CFTS Technical Manager North, explains: “Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), the employer of a fork lift truck operator has a duty of care to make sure that a fork lift truck is safe to use. 

“The Report of Thorough Examination confirms this. Indeed, LOLER demands that a report of Thorough Examination should be included with your documentation when you hire a truck… even it’s just for one day.

“Without this, you can’t be absolutely certain you’re operating safely and legally… 

“As an employer, you need to be absolutely sure that it’s up to the job. So never take chances. Always ask for a copy of the report – in either electric or paper form – to be included with your truck’s paperwork.”

CFTS established a national standard for Thorough Examinations in the UK fork lift truck industry. For more details, please visit www.thoroughexamination.org or call 01344 623 800.