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Needs of Irish supply chain must be prioritised in Brexit negotiations

27 April 2017

FTA Ireland (FTAI) is calling on both sides in the Brexit negotiations to make sure that Ireland’s unique circumstances and links with the UK are prioritised in the early stages to avoid disruptions to supply chains and delays at the borders.

Avoiding uncertainty and a cliff edge for businesses should be a priority for both negotiating teams, in order to offer stability and enable all parties involved in the supply chain to plan for the post-Brexit realities in a timely and controlled manner.
Aidan Flynn, FTAI’s General Manager, is taking part in a series of meetings with EU officials this week to discuss the implications of Brexit for trade and logistics in Ireland, in advance of the European Summit on 29 April when European heads of state and governments will discuss guidelines for the UK’s exit negotiations with the EU.
Mr Flynn will be meeting with officials from the Task Force on the UK in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union; with officials from Michel Barnier’s Article 50 Task Force; with the Irish Permanent Representation to the EU; and with Irish MEPs Deirdre Clune MEP and Sean Kelly MEP.
Aidan Flynn said: “FTAI members are deeply concerned about the consequences of Brexit in terms of the movement of goods, in particular accessing the UK and the European marketplace.  Whilst other EU members trade with the UK in significant volumes, no other has as much at stake as the island of Ireland.”
FTAI is taking the opportunity to highlight its Brexit priorities for the future success of the Irish supply chain. These priorities are:
• No hard border with Northern Ireland and no barriers to trade with the UK.
• Seamless transport links between Ireland and the UK.
• A seamless transition to the post-Brexit era.
Aidan Flynn continued: “During the Brexit negotiations it is essential that both the UK and EU negotiating teams find solutions that will work for all parties without causing undue delays and disturbance to trade and supply chains on the island of Ireland. 
FTAI will take advantage of meetings in the European Parliament, with the Irish Permanent Representation to the EU and with the European Commission, to also discuss the forthcoming road package, with major legal proposals to revise cabotage rules, drivers’ hours rules and posting of workers as applied to road transport, amongst other issues. The European Commission is expected to release these important proposals for road transport at the end of May.