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Driver assistance system for pallet stackers

11 September 2017

Linde Material Handling has launched a digital driver assistance system, Linde Load Management, for its range of pallet stackers.

After the success of the Linde Safety Pilot system, first installed on counterbalance forklifts two years ago, Linde has adapted its driver assistance technology for its L14 to L20 range of pallet stackers to reduce potential damage in the warehouse.

As standard, this new technology assesses the stability of the truck by constantly calculating the weight on the forks and estimating the safe lift height with that load. As the truck approaches the safe height determined by the Linde Load Management System, the large colour display will show a yellow or red warning message and emit an audible warning to notify the operator that further lifting could be dangerous and pose a potential hazard to both himself and the load.

In addition, the standard system automatically reduces truck speed in relation to steering angle to retain optimum stability when cornering.

The optional Advanced system includes an automatic reduction in truck speed in relation to the weight of the load and the height of lift. In addition to these features, the Linde Load Management System calculates the safest maximum acceleration speed depending upon the weight of the load the truck is carrying. This prevents the operator from turning the tiller too sharply at high speeds or accelerating too fast with a raised load, both of which would place the truck in an unstable position.

The system is designed to be easy to operate and will dramatically reduce instances of human error. It uses a large colour display to show load capacity information, the actual weight on the arms and the current and maximum safe lift height.