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The 'All-in-One' compact storage and picking solution

14 June 2018

Virtually every company storing small parts faces running out of storage space.

But retailers or service companies also want their small items and ‘C-mover’ parts to be made available efficiently and to take up as little floor space as possible. Typically, the conventional storage of small parts in static shelving and racking often wastes considerable space. The filling rate of the bins or boxes here is less than 50%, on average. When picking manually, static shelving can also only ever be as high as the picker can reach. This is why it is often not possible to make full use of the available ceiling height. The result: wasted storage space.

SSI Schaefer has the ideal solution in the form of its vertical lift LOGIMAT. This system can be compared to an over-sized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays – one at the front and one at the back. There is an elevator between the two stacks which pulls out individual trays and moves them to wherever the operating window is located. With eight different model widths, two model depths, and a choice of machine height up to almost 24 m, the LOGIMAT can adapt perfectly to any internal building structure. Numerous features, such as tray storage with 25 mm spacing, a storage strategy with intelligent height optimization, or trays that are flexibly designed for space and weight optimization, make it possible to have high-density storage on the smallest footprint. To make maximum use of the surface area and height of the trays, SSI Schaefer has specifically developed the LMB bin series, to fit a tray depth of 800 mm as well as partitioning slats allowing storage of different item sizes or for small quantities. There are no restrictions in how the tray is partitioned, nor with regard to the size of the goods stored there, because the tray can be used across its entire width. In the standard version, the maximum load per tray is 650 kilograms, and the maximum weight to which the vertical lift module can be loaded is 60 tonnes.

As well as an effective storage system, the LOGIMAT is essentially a goods-to-person picking system, improving picking accuracy and saving time by removing the need to walk and pick. It can be integrated into a wider logistics system or used on a standalone basis.