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Healthy supply chain productivity and safety

12 September 2023

WHOLESALERS OF pharmaceutical and medical technology products require reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness in their logistics operations.

Fundamental to processes of warehouse identification, picking and shipping are barcode labels so the printers need to be up to the task.

The Galenica Group is Switzerland’s leading fully integrated healthcare provider. Its wholesaling division, Galexis AG, uses a fleet of some 80 TSC Printronix Auto ID printers to label consignments for delivery to healthcare outlets such as pharmacies, medical practices and nursing homes. 

Galexis initially used IBM 4400 printers for internal logistics but when spare parts were no longer available, it replaced these with TSC Printronix Auto ID’s T5000. This proved a reliable workhorse for many years but Galexis was keen to remain as state-of-the-art as possible and has now replaced some 60 of these devices at 12 of its sites with TSC Printronix Auto ID’s T8000. Its remaining 20 T5000s will be replaced in due course.

The T8000 Series of 4”, 6” and 8” enterprise industrial printers set new standards in versatility and productivity and offer unmatched industrial performance. The Series offers 40% faster print speed, six times faster processing speed and eight times greater memory capacity compared to similar models on the market. An optional ODV-2D online barcode verifier ensures perfect legibility and complete traceability along the supply chain, a vital factor in the sensitive healthcare sector as well as for patient protection.

For Galexis, the T8000's reliability is particularly impressive, even when printing up to 2,000 white or coloured labels a day. The wholesaler comprehensively cleans its devices every six months and maintains them itself. To date, it has not had a single model malfunction, nor has it required any spare parts, which it finds immensely gratifying.

For even greater efficiency, all models used throughout Galexis will be managed via SOTI Connect in the future. While they’re not all fully integrated yet, the results are promising. Thomas Rosenhammer from TSC Printronix Auto ID says: “Not only can we gain important information and insights from a strategic and operational point of view, but we can also maximise the service life, value and ROI of the investment by taking appropriate measures.”

The T8000 is proving every bit as reliable at Galexis as its predecessor the T5000. Its labels are used not only for internal mail, i.e. crate-parcel, but also for warehouse identification and shipping. The wholesaler labels shelves, products and packages, at the ramp, during hand picking and when shipping products to pharmacies.

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