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Ingredients firm increase resilience with new warehouse

22 March 2022

BENEO INVESTED €7.7 million in the new automated warehouse in Germany.

BENEO is a manufacturer of functional ingredients, and announced a quadrupling of the storage capacity at its Offstein facility in Germany, to improve its efficiency and strengthen the company’s business contingency resilience further. The new high-bay warehouse, which opened in February, allows for increased storage of BENEO’s crystalline functional carbohydrates Isomalt, Palatinose and galenIQ.

The new 25-metre-high warehouse has a storage capacity of more than 8.500 Euro pallets, and is located close to both the packaging and shipment operations at the production site in Offstein. Together with external warehouses worldwide, the addition of storage capacity in Offstein further supports BENEO’s multi-storage strategy for improved business contingency. Furthermore, transport ways are reduced as a larger proportion of functional carbohydrates is now stored onsite than in external warehouses.

In their crystalline form BENEO’s functional carbohydrates store well in humidity and temperature monitored facilities, such as the new warehouse. The fully automated high-bay facility allows for a higher proportion of direct loading and is freeing up personnel from the storage and retrieval process to be used more efficiently in other onsite activities.