End to end supply chain review – this is a high level review of the clients supply chain from initial supplier selection and sourcing decisions, through to customer fulfilment including any reverse logistics processes. From this it should be possible to identify areas of opportunity that require further analysis, leading to the development of specific action plans.


Fulfilment – detailed review of the clients warehousing and distribution operation, including the following:

  • Warehouse KPI review bench marking against ‘best in class’

  • Warehouse process and productivity review, leading to identification and improvement of sub optimal processes, including any opportunities for automation of manual processes

  • MHE (materials handling equipment) review, with recommendations for replacement or addition, including analysis of lease versus buy options

  • WMS (warehouse management system) review with recommendations for improvement

  • Review of warehouse storage capacity, including identification of any opportunities for improved utilisation

  • Carrier review covering cost and service. This could lead to a formal bench marking process


Inventory – analysis of stock holding to establish opportunities for stock reduction whilst not impacting service levels, with the overall objective of improving inventory turn and cash flow.

Logistics – review of inbound logistics processes from origin to warehouse delivery. This will include review of transport modes (sea, truck, air) with recommendations for cost reduction and service level improvements

Supplier management – review with the objective of improving delivery performance coupled with identifying and implementing lead time reductions

Health & safety – practical review of H&S policies including accident reporting, risk assessments and safe systems of work

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