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Maximise operational efficiency with TSC Auto ID's space-saving industrial printers

03 July 2024

PRODUCTIVITY AND easy access for media replacement and maintenance have both been considered in the design of TSC Auto ID’s all-new MB241 and ML241P Series industrial printers.

“Through speaking to customers across manufacturing, retail, logistics and healthcare, we know there’s an increasing demand for industrial-scale barcode printing but not always enough space to install the devices, especially under counters,” says Bob Vines, UK, Ireland & Nordics country manager for TSC Auto ID. “To resolve such user challenges, our newly launched MB241 and ML241P industrial printers have been purposely designed for space saving while enhancing productivity.”

The MB241 features a bifold media door design that reduces operational space usage by 24%, making it ideal for restricted workspaces. The ML Series is already renowned for its compact footprint and efficient 245 mm height, and the new ML241P is no exception as it fits perfectly in height-restricted environments. Both new devices support large, 8-inch OD label rolls, meaning they can not only meet daily high-volume printing demands but also improve operational efficiency as the label rolls don’t need replacing as often.

Key Points

·       Innovative bifold door design of new MB241 means it uses 24% less operational space
·       At just 245mm high, the ML241P is great in height-restricted workspaces
·       Both the MB241 and ML241P accommodate 8” outside diameter (OD) label rolls to support high-volume printing

The MB241 is especially suited to harder, thicker labels like hangtags. Its multi-point thermal printhead (TPH) pressure adjustment mechanism and its advanced heat line management ensure consistent, high-quality printing across various media types. The MB241 can be purchased with a number of accessories, such as a linerless kit for more sustainable printing. In industries like food packaging, where keeping the work environment tidy is vital, the MB241’s peel-off kit and liner rewinder kit, can help mitigate any operational risks. These accessories enhance the printer's functionality and adaptability, meeting the evolving demands of dynamic business needs.

The intuitive design features of the ML241P simplify printing operations. Its settings are easily adjusted, including TPH pressure and ribbon tension balance, to ensure optimal print quality. And toolless removal of the TPH and platen roller expedite maintenance processes.

Both of the printers’ capabilities are designed with auto-switching emulation for hassle-free deployment. TSC Standalone Creator generates a printer LCD UI for quick template access, while TSCPRTGo acts as an extended display for mobile printing. SOTI Connect, TSC Console, and the Internal Embedded Webpage all enable remote printer fleet management.

Discover more information about the MB241 and ML241P or email sales@tscprinters.eu.

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