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Is it time to take stock of securing and sealing?

02 May 2024

From preventing in-transit damage to deterring theft, effective securing and sealing of packages is crucial to ensuring they reach their destination intact. But is effective enough? 

SECURING AND sealing packages is a many-layered process. As well as package security, the efficiency of the packing process, the sustainability of the materials used, and the customer experience are also important considerations.

Antalis Packaging head of business development – packaging, Scott Byrom, comments: “Package security is a big issue. But so too are efficiency, sustainability and customer perception and experience. With new products coming on the market all the time, it’s worth making time to take stock of the packing process and the materials used to see if there is room for improvement. It’s an area we’ve been spending a lot of time on, working with suppliers and customers to test out new products, equipment, and different approaches to package security.”

How Antalis Packaging is helping warehouse and logistics businesses to address the challenge

In addition to its complete range of free consultancy services designed to improve the packaging performance –  including securing and sealing – of warehouse and logistics operations, Antalis Packaging continuously explores new products and innovations.

“Two of the most commonly used products when it comes to securing and sealing packages are tape and stretch film”, says Scott, “so it is here where we have put a lot of our focus in finding new products capable of fulfilling the multiple goals of security, efficiency, sustainability and customer experience.”

Secure, sustainable and efficient packaging tape

While standard packaging tape is highly durable and cheap, it is made from PVC or polypropylene which are currently difficult to recycle. Easy to peal off and reseal virtually undetected, it is also a poor theft deterrent. In contrast, paper tape is usually made from Kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable and, depending on the variety of paper tape used, adheres strongly, which can be highly effective in deterring theft.

Scott comments: “Paper tape of all kinds is growing in popularity because of its environmental credentials; however, it can be inefficient to use in its standard form. Water Activated Tape (WAT) on the other hand, can be applied using a WAT dispenser, which is easy to use, fast and effective.”

Antalis Packaging has recently added the Optimax OM700 WAT dispenser to its range. With the largest water and tape capacity in the industry, it’s ideal for high volume, fast-paced shipping environments and can increase packer productivity by up to 20%.

Secure, sustainable and efficient stretch film

For most packages being shipped, loading onto pallets is the most effective solution; however, it’s also a major area of plastic use for companies involved in the packaging and distribution of goods, with the potential to contribute to high Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) charges.

Antalis is working with its customers in a number of ways to address stretch film usage while also ensuring pallet security. Scott says, “It might be a case of recalibrating pallet wrapping machinery or matching film to the machine and to the loads being stacked. We’ve helped customers achieve up to a 75% reduction in packaging waste, 70% faster wrapping time, and a 60% reduction in cost. A well-wrapped pallet, using the right kind and quantity of film, is also a more secure and stable pallet, which means happier customers, too”

Antalis Packaging has been working with its suppliers to develop and source stretch films that are both effective and PPT exempt. These include stretch films containing at least 30% recycled content and a soon-to-be-launched paper stretch film.

Scott finishes: “Package security is the foundation of all warehouse and logistics businesses, but it’s clear that it’s no longer enough for securing and sealing to be simply effective. With efficiency, sustainability and customer experience also important, it could be time to take stock and see where improvements can be made.”

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