Thirty years

11 July 2018

2018 is a very special year for Tecmach as it marks its thirtieth year in business, throughout which its emphasis has been on customer service, good design and high-quality products.

Their customers are supplied the correct scissor lift for their application delivering great value for money. 

How things have changed since 1988.  There has been six British Prime Ministers, now a computer on every desk, the internet and mobile smart phones lead communications.  

The quality and sophistication of Tecmach scissor lifts had grown with the changes brought about by technological innovation. There are better manufacturing facilities that have improved the scissor lift tables and more sophisticated hydraulic and control equipment that include control system monitoring has provided real benefits to customers.

Whilst it is good to see a new batch of scissor lift platforms delivered, it is also good to know that there a many that are going strong after more than twenty years, an excellent return on investment for the customer. 

Tecmach has supplied their products across all commercial and industrial sectors covering multinational, large companies, SME’s and private individuals.  

From heavy industry such as steel rolling mills to bin lifts in residential applications to stage lifts in theatres to food production.