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Drone driven warehouse-in-the-sky a step closer

04 April 2024

H2 Clipper has been granted a new U.S. patent for its warehouse-in-the-sky that includes the integration of aerial drones for picking up, transporting, and delivering packaged goods and other payloads.

THE AEROSPACE and alternative energy company has developed technology that incorporates:

  • the use of a beacon, which can be a dedicated device or one’s own personal cell phone, that enables package delivery by drone, particularly in remote locations. The beacon also permits package returns from rural areas and remote global villages to put those items into international commerce; 
  • the ability to launch drones from a dirigible, allowing the drones to use all on-board energy to lift heavier packages rather than using that same energy to fly to the drop-off or pickup zone, resulting in efficient use of every route; 
  • charging bays for the aerial drones to recharge between short flights, which further reduces package delivery and retrieval time and trips;
  • an on-board camera with each drone which provides proof of delivery.

US Patent 11,820,482 B2, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Lighter-Than-Air Airship with Improved Structure and Delivery System,” was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and focuses on enhancements over previous airship designs and operating modes. 

For more information, visit www.h2clipper.com