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Baumann redefines electric sideloaders

19 May 2023

The launch of the Baumann EGX X-Plus Series is set to redefine the electric sideloader market.

WITH CAPACITIES up to eight tonnes, the newly unveiled model not only outperforms all previous electrics, but surpasses previous IC trucks in terms of durability, efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

The award-winning Archimedes outreach system, energy efficient motors and load-sensing hydraulics are now accompanied by lithium-ion battery options, extended reach and the SafeLoad Assistance safety system.

Baumann’s global marketing manager, Tony Benson, believes the majority of customers now look at electric power as the default option for safer long load handling. Fleet users and industry insiders see Baumann as leaders in the field, as the only sideloader manufacturer to offer 120-volt technology. 

Said Tony: “The EGX is our flagship electric model, ideally suited to multi-shift applications and equipped with incredible technology. The X-Plus Series model brings even higher levels of control and handling capabilities all the way up to eight tonnes capacity. We are very excited by the extended runtimes, the re-distribution of weight, and the excellent levels of performance that our customers expect and demand. Whilst every application is different, we believe that as customers experience the additional run hours and higher levels of efficiency it will re-set the dial on what’s considered possible.” 

The EGX X-Plus series combines cutting-edge technology, unmatched performance, and unparalleled safety features to set a new benchmark in the industry. With SafeLoad Assistance as one of its key features, operators can now experience a heightened level of confidence and a significant reduction in potential accidents.

Adds Tony: “With Baumann's unwavering commitment to innovation and safety, it comes as no surprise that the EGX X-Plus series incorporates another ground-breaking feature in SafeLoad Assistance. Baumann has once again proven why we are the leader in the electric sideloader market.”

The SafeLoad Assistance system works by calculating the stability limit of the truck and using sensors within the chassis that consider the forces that are exerted by the load weight, the position of both the load and the truck, and a number of other factors. 

Baumann's dedication to addressing the load centre problem with this advanced technology is a testament to their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and operator safety. 

“This is a game changer,” says managing director, Klaus Pirpamer. “A decade ago, this is something we could have only dreamed about. We have spent many years looking at this. The technology has evolved to allow us to find the right way to answer the load centre question, to give the accurate levels of safety the market has always desired.”

“The biggest challenge was finding the best way to take into account all the many variables at play,” adds technical director, Riccardo Bove. “We have tried different methods, some were extremely promising in accurately predicting the tipping point, but because it is a crucial safety measurement, the system must be infallible. That is perhaps the reason why no company has been able to solve the problem, until now.”

Conversely, several manufacturers have turned to lithium-ion battery power for their energy sources, typically in lighter and less intensively used materials handling equipment. 

The benefits offered by lithium are less compelling for equipment served well by cheaper existing lead-acid options. Nevertheless, the lithium-ion battery technology in the EGX has also been adapted specifically for the series and provides long operating times and fast charging, allowing for more efficient use of time and resources. Combined with the higher voltage and high-efficiency inverters, and the re-distributed chassis weight, energy is now delivered more efficiently to the motors and regenerated back into the battery under braking. The technology contributes to results that have surprised even Baumann’s R&D team.

With the Baumann sideloader initially developed for the timber industry, the company’s success at developing highly respected, innovative and durable machines has helped grow the market and expand applications. 

Today, sideloaders are used across a number of sectors where long loads are handled, such as metals, concrete, plastics, energy and manufacturing. “We have seen the market develop rapidly in recent years,” concludes Tony. “Electric power has been firmly embraced and even in tough times, we have experienced record levels of orders and interest. Our expectation is that the EGX will help us to continue that trend and continue the Baumann success story even further.”

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.com