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Combi Connect telematics launches

23 October 2023

COMBILIFT HAS introduced its Combi Connect telematics software, which is designed to empower customers with comprehensive insights into fleet management and utilisation.

Combi Connect offers real-time data on fleet performance, including location tracking, usage analytics, and maintenance alerts, enabling businesses to optimise their operations effectively. Combi Connect operates on a subscription model, providing transparent data analytics that allow both dealers and customers to make informed decisions and efficiently manage their fleets. The platform offers a range of features to enhance fleet management, including impact monitoring, preventative maintenance capabilities, and smart analytics for actionable reports.

Key features of Combi Connect

Customer fleet management: Provides insights into fleet operations.

Transparent platform: Offers a clear view of data to end customers, promoting informed decision-making.

Impact/shock monitoring: Enhances safety and allows for damage control accountability with speed, drive mode, operator presence, time and location logs.

Preventative maintenance: Enables proactive maintenance to maximise machine uptime.

Smart analytics: Provides actionable reports for data-driven decisions.

Full model range compatibility: Easy to install, across all Combilift models including; electric, LPG and diesel.

Dedicated support team: Ensures a seamless user experience and assistance.

Combi Connect allows for monitoring truck location history, fleet mapping across multiple locations, energy/fuel consumption status, hour meter information, service planning based on machine usage, engine machine insights, current fault display, and advanced analytics for comprehensive data analysis.

By introducing Combi Connect, Combilift reaffirms its commitment to delivering advanced solutions that empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance safety, and optimise resource utilisation.

For more information, visit www.combilift.com/connect