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Dog-like robot guards CEVA LA facility

12 October 2023

THE SPOT robot from Boston Dynamics is being used for security, patrolling a new CEVA Logistics site close to both the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles in California.

As well as the Spot guard robot, CEVA will leverage Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robots to unload hundreds of boxes per hour. Both autonomous robots can operate continuously, improving efficiency and preventing safety concerns associated with using manual labour for the same process. CEVA is also using One Network’s yard and warehouse management systems.

The 135,000 sq ft transload facility offers a cross-belt sortation device, enabling 10,000 parcels to be sorted every hour based on preselected variables such as size, colour or preferred carrier. The facility caters to automotive, consumer retail and technology companies. Transloading is similar idea to cross-docking but pallets are broken down and rebuilt for outbound shipping.

CEVA expects to process a total of 26,000 floor-loaded containers during the facility’s first year in operation and to double its capacity within three years. The site was designed to minimise carbon footprint, including rooftop solar panels and EV trucks powered by renewable energy sources, which will be in service by January 2024.

Supply chain customers will also have access to CEVA’s drayage fleet and dedicated container chassis when moving product from port to warehouse. The site features 50 dock doors and parking for 205 trailers.

For more information, visit www.cevalogistics.com