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End-to-end eComm management solution said to be game-changer

05 October 2023

AVASK ACCOUNTING & Business Consultants, in association with KATA Global Logistics, has announced a new omni-channel end-to-end supply chain management solution.

This innovative solution enables eCommerce entrepreneurs to move products reliably from their manufacturer to the marketplaces and fulfilment houses, delivering a simplified supply-chain, and assuring compliance with local tax regulations.

While traditional solutions address aspects of the supply chain, for example logistics, or final-mile delivery, the AVASK and KATA solution includes the collection of the goods from manufacturers, shipment overseas to the destination port, importation of goods (including all customs clearances), through to the final-mile delivery to a 3PL or marketplace fulfilment centre, for example Amazon FBA.

The AVASK and KATA solution also manages the expert consultancy and advisory support to the business, making the journey as cost and tax efficient as possible. AVASK also handles all tax implications when importing goods, which includes Import VAT deferment schemes, VAT declarations, distance selling in the EU, and the new eco-compliance requirements (EPR) within the EU.

Omni-channel fulfilment solutions

Recognising the popularity of omnichannel selling, their solution provides unparalleled flexibility. With over 50 available marketplaces in the EU, eCommerce sellers are diversifying to mitigate risks. Unlike other solutions with restrictions, AVASK and KATA offer an open approach.

Mark Houghton, director of customs and international cross border logistics at KATA, said: “In this evolving landscape, it's paramount for businesses to be leaders in global compliance, aiming for a seamless, tech-enabled product.

“Teaming up with pioneers like AVASK and KATA, there's a golden opportunity to navigate the intricate maze of local taxes, customs, importer of records documents, EPR, and local government bureaucracy. That's precisely where AVASK and KATA shine the brightest.”

Global reach – local support

Based on extensive customer research, AVASK and KATA recognise the preference for local support to overcome localisation barriers in cross-border trade. Their experts are strategically located in the US, the UK, and key Amazon fulfilment countries like the Netherlands and China.

The company explains: “This global support comes alongside our AEO status in the EU, recently granted to AVASK - enabling us to clear goods into any port within the EU. Specialist eCommerce consultants provide concise guidance to enable clients to achieve maximum cost-saving benefits, including import VAT deferment schemes and bonded warehousing solutions.”

Dr Angelos Katsaris, Professional Services Director at AVASK, adds: “KATA was formed to address the pain points of sellers during Brexit, 18 months on and KATA is a part of the AVASK Group, completing our global compliance vision.”

When asked about the future of AVASK, Dr Katsaris cited: “AVASK is looking for continued expansion of our services to meet the needs of our clients. From 2024, we will build on strategic acquisitions, across the eCommerce ecosystem.”

Real cost-saving benefits

With preferential rates through their global shipping and logistics partners, alongside their award-winning e-commerce accounting and tax compliance services, AVASK and KATA's end-to-end supply-chain solution provides a streamlined approach, allowing sellers to reduce costs, lessen their administrative burden and trade cross-borders with confidence.

For more information, visit https://welcome.avaskgroup.com