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Enhanced monitoring of sensitive cargo

12 January 2024

T&D CORPORATION, the leading Japanese manufacturer of wireless data loggers, has launched its TR4A series of advanced Bluetooth thermo recorders.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 and seamless detection without pre-registration, these loggers automatically refresh via T&D Thermo App for Android and iOS within the communication range of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Featuring four cost-effective models, including one waterproof and two splashproof, the TR4A series caters for a diverse range of application needs. The TR41A, with an internal sensor, monitors temperatures from -40 to 80°C (immersion-proof IP-67 ), while the splashproof IP-64 TR42A measures from -60 to 155°C. The TR43A, meanwhile, also has an IP-64 splashproof rating and measures temperatures from 0 to 55°C, and humidity from 10 to 95%RH. And finally, for industrial use, the TR45 supports thermocouple types K, J, T, S and R, with a range of -199 to 1,760°C, and types Pt 100/Pt 1000 with a range of -199 to 600°C. These loggers offer 15 recording intervals, from one second to 60 minutes, with a recording capacity of up to 16,000 readings and a battery life of approximately 18 months.

Two apps complement the TR4A series for efficient data collection and processing. The free TR4 Report app generates and summarises temperature, humidity reports and graphs in less than a minute on-site. These reports, available as PDF files, can be supplemented with additional information and easily saved, emailed or printed. The T&D Thermo app, in tandem with TR4 Report, displays real-time temperature graphs and effortlessly uploads recorded data to the free, cloud-based T&D WebStorage service.

Boasting high precision, wide-ranging measurements and exceptional flexibility, TR4A data loggers are ideal for use in private, industrial or public spaces. Their compact, palm-sized design with robust body allows for versatile installation options, such as heating control in residential buildings, the monitoring of refrigerators, sales cabinets and storage rooms, and transportation of sensitive, cold chain goods such as fresh or frozen food and medical products. The TR4A series enhances real-time efficiency with wireless capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various monitoring needs.

For more information, visit www.tandd.com