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IWS Group appoints CEO

12 January 2024

RICHARD HARDEN has been appointed chief executive officer of IWS Group. This appointment comes as part of the group’s ongoing strategy to drive innovation and growth.

Richard brings a wealth of experience to IWS Group with a solid leadership background, holding CEO and MD positions in previous companies, Stuart Turner Ltd and WILO, alongside the role of president to the trade organisation BPMA. He has built a successful career around improving top-line growth for private equity-backed firms, leveraging strategic partnerships and driving innovative sales and marketing strategies to achieve significant growth milestones.

Richard said: “It’s clear IWS Group is a very ambitious company with a strong track record of organic and acquisition-driven success and a clear vision for growth, which is what attracted me to the position. The future of the group excites me, and I am delighted to lead it into its next phase of growth and innovation.”

Integrated solutions

Under Richard’s leadership, a key focus will be on amplifying the collaborative strengths of IWS Group to provide complete, seamless integrated solutions to customers in the industrial workspace. This cohesive approach is aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and bolstering the overall impact and efficacy of IWS Group’s proposition in the market.

“We’re extremely excited to have Richard on board as our new CEO,” said Neil Stephenson, chief financial officer for IWS Group, “Richard’s extensive leadership background and his proven track record of accelerating market share aligns perfectly with our strategic vision for IWS Group. His dynamic leadership and innovative approach is just what we need to navigate the evolving market landscape and propel IWS Group to new heights. We look forward to the fresh perspective and the boundless energy he brings to our team, and we’re confident that under his leadership, IWS Group will continue to thrive and achieve great success.”

For more information, visit https://iws.group/

About IWS Group:

IWS Group is a family of market-leading product brands, manufacturers, and service companies providing essential services and supplies to the logistics, material handling, and other industrial sectors across Europe and beyond. The IWS Group portfolio of companies currently consists of Beaverswood, Brandsafe, Rack Group, and Anco Storage.

IWS Group - https://iws.group/

Beaverswood - https://www.beaverswood.co.uk/

Brandsafe - https://www.brandsafeprotection.com/

Rack Group - https://therackgroup.com/

Anco Storage - https://www.ancostorage.co.uk/