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Increased protection when reversing

01 July 2024

RADAR-BASED assistance system from Linde Material Handling seeks to enhance safety during reversing manoeuvres.

The new Reverse Assist Radar system from Linde Material Handling (MH) protects people and prevents damage to goods and infrastructure by detecting moving and stationary objects behind counterbalanced trucks. If there is a risk of a collision, the assistance system very quickly brakes the vehicle to a standstill.

Linde MH product manager safety solutions Fabian Zimmermann, says: “More than half of all accidents involving industrial trucks happen when the vehicle is reversing. The blind spot begins when the angle of vision exceeds 180 degrees. But even before that, people and objects behind the vehicle are not perceived so well.” The Linde Reverse Assist Radar, a sensor-based system that detects both moving and stationary objects located behind the truck in its path of travel, is now available to help. 

A major advantage of this safety solution is its powerful braking performance in the event of danger. If an obstacle is detected, the Linde Reverse Assist Radar brakes the truck to a standstill with a force of up to 3m/s2. The braking effect is calculated according to the lift height, travel speed, steering angle, and distance to the obstacle, so it is always adapted to the individual driving and hazard situation. Different lighting conditions do not affect the proper functioning of the system. If the Reverse Assist Radar detects a potential collision, it automatically intervenes and overrides the driving command. 

In the event of a hazard, the system alerts the driver with a series of acoustic signals. If the truck is equipped with an optional 7’’ display, the driver will additionally receive a visual warning and be prompted to check the area behind the vehicle. The detection area is designed to cover the rear width of the truck as standard but can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. 

The system only reacts to obstacles in the defined travel path. For example, goods or other objects located in a block storage area to the right and left of the path will not cause the system to intervene.

The Linde Reverse Assist Radar can be combined with other safety assistance solutions.