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Kite Packaging introduces integrated labels

02 October 2023

THESE COMBINE one or more self-adhesive labels onto a section of a sheet while the rest is printed with useful information, eradicating the need for multiple documents.

As such, integrated labels optimise space, lowering costs and waste while their professional appearance enhances brand perception.

Offering personalisation opportunities with branding, logos and promotional messages to increase brand awareness, they can help with organisation, keeping errors to a minimum and streamlining business processes for faster order fulfilment.

Made using 90gsm paper, these labels provide a premium feel that lends well to business applications, and hotmelt adhesive which makes for rapid bonding and clean applications. Available in popular Royal Mail sizes, they offer the perfect labelling solution for eBay and Amazon sellers.

Used commonly in eCommerce, integrated labels enhance customer satisfaction by consolidating invoices, shipping details, return labels and instructions conveniently onto one sheet of paper, making for smoother returns processes. 

Beyond ecommerce, integrated labels are used in healthcare and educational facilities as well as for labelling products and SKUs. 

Kite offers wholesale discounts on bulk orders and free delivery on orders over £45.

For more information, visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk