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Major grocer upgrades warehouse bays

24 February 2020

BID Group’s client, one of the largest supermarket retailers in the UK, needed 22 warehouse bays upgrading to meet current health and safety standards, handle the volume of traffic and provide smooth operations.

BID Group was on hand to supply and install loading bay equipment to ensure safe movement of goods. Loading bays and doors are vital in the process of protecting, moving and loading goods. The loading bay is one of the busiest areas in food and drink facilities and must be perfectly designed for productive and efficient operations.

On this major project BID Group installed new dock shelters that provide a seal against the trailer top and sides, protect perishable goods during loading and unloading and to help prevent the ingress of rain, snow and other weather conditions entering the warehouse and Dock Buffers designed to prevent and reduce impact damage between vehicles and buildings. 

Roger McNeal, technical sales manager at BID Group explains: “Dock shelters and seals protect goods and employees from the elements and keep the correct building temperature controlled while the doors are open for the necessary loading and unloading of goods. There are a multitude of benefits found in creating a seal between the vehicle and loading bay. Hygiene, efficiency, insulation and safety are all instantly improved with a dock shelter. BID dock shelters are compatible with both single and double deck trailers.  

“A top airbag assembly that seals on the top of the trailer will further protect goods and personnel from the weather during loading and unloading as the curtains actually make contact with the side and roof of the trailer.  This will keep out not only bad weather but also help minimise the loss of cold air from the warehouse.

“Buffers are designed with protection in mind. They are there to prevent and reduce impact damage between vehicles and buildings. BID Group has a large selection of hard-wearing buffers available which are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

“Wheel guides can be provided to ensure vehicles are aligned and in the correct position for offloading and loading.

“BID Group ensures that the best cost-effective solutions are recommended with realistic timelines, so that companies can operate from the unit within an arranged programme of works and within a budget.”

BID Group can supply and install the most efficient and reliable equipment for loading bays and warehouse facilities. Specialist engineers can install, repair and service all types of dock levellers, shelters, airbags, pads, buffers and wheel guides.