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Robotic piece-picking solution launches

06 September 2019

Element Logic is launching a robotic piece-picking solution that combines with AutoStore. The solution will be showcased at IMHX.

The robotic piece-picking solution by Element Logic combines technology from RightHand Robotics with Element Logic software and AutoStore. The solution integrates with any warehouse management software or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

RHR’s technology excels at the 3Rs of robotic piece-picking: range, rate, and reliability. The technology is able to pick and place a wide range of items, fulfilling orders at high speeds while ensuring that customers consistently receive what they ordered. The system uses vision, machine learning, and an advanced multi-function gripper with gripping fingers and a suction cup that can be used independently or in tandem with humans at the same picking station for maximum flexibility.

The robotic piece-picking solution by Element Logic is suited for picking-related warehouse tasks.

Element Logic offers Design and Consulting services to ensure that customers know how this solution can work for them. This includes a pickability assessment where customers have the option to see for themselves how well the robotic piece-picking solution picks and places their SKUs, followed by a detailed report with recommendations for optimal use tailored to their specific needs. IMHX Stand 19J25