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Switching from paper-based processes

02 September 2022

WMS PROVIDER Indigo Software has identified the two of the most common issues warehouse managers are seeking to resolve are removing paper-based processes to increase efficiency and integrating their systems to allow for real-time performance reporting.

Although there is plenty of hype around the adoption of robots and full automation in warehouses, the reality at the pick face is quite different. Especially within the thousands of small to medium sized businesses in the UK. Many business goals and more can be achieved by investing in WMS software and yet companies are still reliant on manual methods when it comes to picking stock or processing their deliveries.

Continuing to use pen and paper processes significantly impacts profitability levels because more workers are needed to cover busy periods, which is costly and time consuming due to the shortage of available talent. Plus it has a damaging effect on customer satisfaction levels. Inevitable errors are made picking the wrong items, with additional time wasted walking around warehouses and looking for stock.

Research has highlighted that the biggest impacts to profitability that originate in the warehouse are caused by: inaccurate data and errors - 30%, inefficient manual processes - 23% and poor business performance reporting - 32%.

“Supply chains are now a ‘make or break’ activity within any business that involves the distribution of products to consumers,” says Eric Carter,  at Indigo Software Solutions Architect. “Paper based warehouse processes cause shipping delays, the wrong products being picked and additional costs that are eating at company bottom lines. Margins are shrinking at their fastest rate for decades so why do companies still procrastinate about going paperless? Add into the mix that in reality the best you can hope for is about 85% location accuracy what are you waiting for?” Stand 5F71 

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