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Universal application for dock lift

31 July 2023

The Universal Dock Door Lift (UDD) from Transdek UK is a rugged, modular loading bay system which can accommodate various vehicle types including vans, LGVs and single and double decked HGVs. 

DESIGNED TO be suitable for both new build warehousing or as a retrofit to existing sites, the UDD is supplied as a pre-clad, pre-tested surface mounted unit that can be fitted directly to the warehouse or yard floor in as little as one day as no civil works are required. The modular nature of the unit also makes it easy to relocate if required, providing the ultimate in flexibility and enabling savings to be made on dilapidation or re-purchase costs.

Offering fast loading for rapid vehicle turnaround, typically 5 times faster than tail lift operations and twice as fast as loading with a scissor lift, the loading platform can be easily and quickly adjusted to accommodate all vehicle types. Equipped with integrated dock bumpers and self-levelling legs to cater for the variety of yard gradients typically experience on the loading bay yards. It has a unique tail lift pocket design that allows for tail lifts to be stowed under the loading platform. Something that is simply impossible to achieve with comparative scissor lift machines.

With operator safety being paramount the UDD provides an enclosed, weatherproof environment that meets all UK and EU safety regulations. The lift is fitted with twin interlocked gates that are electrically and mechanically interlocked ensuring a safe working environment with additional safety features including traffic lights, loading lamps, interior lights, and a segregated personnel walkway

With a selection of lift sizes from 6 to 13 pallets the UDD is available with a range of accessories including insulated cladding for temperature-controlled operations together with inflatable and adjustable dock shelters.

Demo area

Hörmann Transdek has built a product demonstration area at the Hörmann UK site in Coalville, Leicestershire. Developed as part of the Difference Day seminars being offered by Hörmann the products on show provide both clients and customers with the chance to see the most popular Transdek loading solutions in full operational mode. The demonstration area includes Vehicle to Ground (V2G) yard lifts, a Universal dock door, and a mezzanine goods lift.

Hörmann Transdek managing director Leon Butler says: “There is nothing like being able to see a fully operational product in a live warehousing situation before committing to a purchase or specification and we actively encourage customers to bring their trailers and operation teams to get a true ‘hands on’ experience. 

“As part of the Hörmann Group we now have access to considerable facilities at their UK headquarters in Coalville which enables us to show examples of our products in a working environment to provide a much better understanding the considerable benefits they can bring to a business.”

EN 1090

Transdek UK has also gained EN 1090 Accreditation, the quality system specifically for structural/construction steel and aluminium products. EN 1090 ensures that all structural steel systems manufactured by Transdek meet the legal requirements of UKCA and CE marks necessary for UK and European markets. The accreditation will dovetail with the company’s current Quality Management Systems (QMS), in particular ISO 9001 which the company has held since 2012, to ensure that their products are manufactured consistently to the highest possible standards.

The award of EN 1090 is particularly relevant as Transdek UK is actively expanding operations within the European market, a move made possible since its acquisition by the Hörmann Group in 2021.

For more information, visit www.transdek.com