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Warehouse robotics market sees growth

25 January 2022

A REPORT by Style Intelligence, a research firm focused on warehouse robotics, says ‘growth returned in 2021 having been stagnant at best in 2020, with many vendors reporting greater than 50% expansion’.

Market Report: AGV & AMR Robotics 2021 author Thomas Andersson said: “Growth was achieved despite the many supply chain challenges both for customers and vendors. However, demand varied significantly between industry sectors and while food & beverage remained very busy throughout lockdowns and 2021, the automotive sector froze projects during the same period.”

The report also highlighted three significant acquisitions in 2021: ASTI by ABB, Fetch by Zebra, and Arculus by Jungheinrich.

The report tackles issues such as device interoperability, constraints on growth, such as lack of available talent, as well as different approaches to servicing equipment, including robot manufacturers partnering with local integrators.

An AGV & AMR user commented in the Report: “I think one of the problems the pandemic has raised is not the team members on the production floor, but really how do we get the talent that can handle the robots. And as much as we wanted to go faster with automation during the pandemic, it's actually slowed down our implementation of automation because we can't find the right skill sets to help implement and then sustain the automation, so that's been a real problem for us. The market is just crazy for anybody with AMR knowledge and they get sucked up right away out of the market. I think traditional manufacturing companies are having a hard time competing with the eCommerce companies. We don't want to call an engineer every time we want to re-route. We want to be able to go in there and do it ourselves.” 

You can download the full report free here - https://bit.ly/3tXLka8