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With labelling less is more

03 May 2024

Manufacturer effectively tackles the problem of excessive production of labels.

TRIANGLE MANUFACTURES premium Hi-Fi loudspeakers, and has spent the past 40 years designing, producing and selling award-winning acoustic equipment worldwide.

Over the years, it has successfully evolved to meet market trends. The trend for dematerialised music and a revival of equipment such as vinyl turntables has only strengthened the success of the brand. Triangle offers customers speakers ranging from high-quality and hand-assembled products, to Bluetooth speakers with a refined aesthetic that characterises the company’s identity.

“We’ve seen two significant trends over the last decade: the resurgence of the turntable and a growing interest in high-quality speakers. Consumers are looking for elegant, handmade products that tell a story, and go beyond the limitations of standard audio solutions," says Julien Thaler, Design Manager at Triangle.

The manufacturer’s problem wasn’t with its products, it was with its excessive production of labels. It markets 16 speaker models, with three different finishes, and three labels per unit box. Considering that labels have a unit serial number and that the speakers are assembled on demand, each serial number gets three possible finishes. Of these three finishes, only one was being used and the remaining two sets of labels were being thrown away.

Triangle was therefore keen to reduce waste and optimise its processes. Searching for the right label among all of those printed also proved time-consuming and affected productivity. Any label solution it had developed also needed to meet the same quality requirements as its speakers because most of them are guaranteed up to five years so readability of information had to be perfect over the long term.

Tailor-made solution

Triangle sought the help of printing and traceability expert Neotrace to tailor it a solution that would simplify its labelling process and produce less waste. The solution included labelling software, TSC Auto ID MB240T printers and pre-printed colour labels ready for customisation. This allows Triangle to design its own label models, in different dimensions (80x30mm and 90x150mm) and print information on demand, filling the specific fields.

The 4-inch MB240T printers provide thermal transfer label printing with 300 dpi resolution, delivering high-definition quality and ensuring label durability. These products feature high print speed (up to 254mm/sec) to satisfy on-demand label printing needs. They are also equipped with a 3.5-inch colour LCD touch screen with high contrast for perfect visualisation of information and better use comfort.

Triangle can now precisely print all the data needed to identify and track its products (serial numbers, reference, characteristics, etc.) but also barcodes for traceability and even shipping information for packaging (weight, quantity, etc.). Furthermore, TSC printers are compatible with different label models, formats and rolls, increasing ease of use and allowing Triangle to improve productivity.

Thanks to the partnership between NeoTrace and TSC Auto ID, Triangle can cope with peak activities and growing online orders of its ‘Made in France’ products, coming via its own website, e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, or throughout the world via a network of partners and resellers.

“NeoTrace was attentive to our specific needs, offering us the opportunity to test TSC printers for a perfect handling and integration of the solution. The ongoing support and the delivery of a tailor-made solution were essential for the success of this project," says Julien Thaler.

Booming success: three times less labels

In terms of significant benefits, Triangle is saving two labels per speaker and six labels per carton packaging. This innovative printing and labelling solution simplified Triangle’s daily operations, while reinforcing the company's ethical and ecological commitment. “We can create tailor-made labels according to each model and finishing, which allows us to print three times less labels than before," explains Julien Thaler.

Learn more about the MB240 and TSC’s other print solutions or, email sales@tscprinters.eu